Personalised Angel Paintings

You have many Spirit Guides and Angels assisting you, but your guardian Angel has been assigned to protect and guide you throughout your whole life. Your guardian Angel is constantly communicating energetically with you. By intending to listen, you can tap into a powerful energy of your Angel that will keep you safe, protected, and guide you towards you dreams.

These paintings are uniquely channelled for each individual. Polina creates them by tuning into the energy of your Angel (or the Angel of who you choose to gift a painting to) and channels your Angel's energy, interpreting it onto the canvas. She never knows what your Angel will look like until she is painting!

Each painting is infused with Healing frequencies to assist your connection with your Angel and The Divine Universal energies. It will encode more peace and trust within your being and your soul will feel the connection through the energy of the painting.

It will be a permanent reminder of your loving, trusted Guardian and will lift your vibration & mood daily.

Angel Paintings Gallery
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