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Alais from Pleiades
Sensa from Sirius
Ashana from Lyra
Nana the Ascension Guide

Do you feel a connection to the Stars? Do you feel a sense of 'home' when you look up at the sky at night? You may be a Starseed, longing to feel the presence of your ancient Galactic family. They are with you!... Guiding your steps, assisting you with your Spiritual growth and helping you to live a life of joy & fulfilment.

Adya is also an advanced healer & channel, adding these gifts in her creation of these special paintings. All this to assist you in making contact to your very special Star Guide, opening a portal of deeper remembering and awakening.

How it works

By tuning into the energy of your Galactic Guide, via your name and Divine invitation, Adya will channel your Guides energy, interpreting it onto the canvas.

Each painting is infused with Reiki Healing frequencies & Divine I AM Transmissions, as well as charged with crystals, this energy will lift your vibration & strengthen your connection daily.

This will be a permanent reminder of your loving, trusted guide - emitting healing and activation frequencies of "home".

A channelled message from your Guide will be included with the painting.

REGULAR: 30cm x 40cm  = £695

MEDIUM:   40cm x 50cm = £795

LARGE:       50cm x 60cm = £895

These Paintings are personalised and unique.  They are painted for each individual with utmost love and care. Please be aware, they do take time, patience and vibrational alignment to create. Each Painting takes a few months to complete.


If you would like to order a Personalised Galactic Guide please contact Adya with:

  • Your full name or the name of your loved one (if it is a gift), so Adya can energetically connect to & invite the persons Guide to be expressed on the canvas. 

  • The painting Size you would like to order

  • A photograph of yourself or your loved one, or link to their social media account - (this is optional but will help Adya strengthen the connection with you or the person she is painting for)


Adya has the right to use the images of/within your painting for prints, media, marketing at her discretion, this includes raising consciousness for humanity with deeper understanding of their galactic heritage. All paintings are unique. Paintings are created on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Waiting time for the completion of your painting is currently around 3 - 4 months.

 “This is my Galactic guide, Morsana. I am amazed every day at the energy and the vibration the painting sends to me! Adya is not only a wonderful artist, she has the guided gift of reaching the Beings she brings forth and capturing the essence of them. Morsana speaks to my Soul, has taken me to places and heights I have not been to before. Thank you, Adya, for the love, the energy, the beauty you put into Morsana's painting and thus into my life! ❤”

Christine Mapes, Minnesota USA

Christines Galactic Guide.jpg
Zo-Ra-Nee watermark.jpg

An anniversary gift from husband to wife...

“What an incredible surprise! I am mesmerized. She is absolutely perfect! I connected with her before I read the letter and hit on 4 points.... Sirian connection, Egyptian influence, Isis specifically, and the priestess status. Then when I read the letter, I was floored! You were so spot on.... what an amazing gift you have, dear Adya. I love it so much, thank you my friend!! I am humbled by this painting. Best gift ever!!! 

Michele Elkie, Arizona USA

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