Retreats & Vortex Adventures

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Open to Magic: Mt Shasta Vortex Adventure is a hybrid between a retreat and vortex exploration – so you can have the best of both worlds.

This unique space is for you to joyfully open to the Magic in life – from healing, inner love to tapping into unseen abilities, expanding your light body and strengthening your higher consciousness & connection to Source.

It is going to be a fun adventure with your Tribe! Leave Radiant, with your Soul fulfilled, Luminous, a feeling of Joy, Expansion, Peace, Love, connection to the Earth, the Universe… with an exquisitely open Heart!

Vaz & Adya work very intuitively, daily tuning into the group energy to provide the most authentic, loving and soul nourishing experience.

Come to explore the higher & multidimensional realms, and the very Earthly human realms through:

  • MEDITATION to still your Mind, Body, Soul

  • MULTIDIMENSIONAL TRANSMISSIONS to connect with Spirit, your Guides, Higher Self, Ascended Beings, Lemuria & Telos, Star Family

  • CREATIVE PLAYSHOPS to channel your intuition & inner child

  • MOVEMENT MEDICINE to move energies through the body

  • HIKING to explore the stunning scenery that Mt Shasta and the surrounding areas have to offer

  • SOUL CONNECTION Games, Dance, Play, Joy, Laughter, Camp Fires

  • MUSIC to powerfully stir your Soul

  • CELEBRATION … of Life!

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