1-2-1 Healing Sessions & Intuitive Readings

Welcome to Adya's sanctuary of peace, vitality and magic! <3

In this space you are invited to throw off your shoes, make yourself comfortable at home and melt into a splendour of deep, exquisite Divine energy.

In these sessions you will be guided towards your Heart's Truth and Souls Calling, assisting you to go inwards and discover the whispers of your wise intuitive inner being. 

After the session you will feel lighter, more elated, with deeper self - acceptance and inner power.

40mins INTUITIVE READING (via Skype)

$50 USD  (approx £40 GBP)

In these Intuitive Readings Adya will connect to Higher Consciousness of your Spirit Guides to bring through any guidance or visions she receives to assist you in your life or situation.

**Please prepare 3 questions that you would like clarity on.

These Readings will assist you in aligning to your Divine path.

Please be aware, these Readings are not psychic predictions for the future. They will provide clarity to empower you to make the right choices and move in the direction of your Heart & Soul.


$88 USD (approx £70 GBP)

The Healing that you will receive will be a powerful Transmission that will cascade layers of light over you and move through your mind, body & emotions, cleansing and purifying your Being with pure & unconditional love.


This energy will begin activating and encoding your DNA with your natural Soul Essence vibration, as well as raising your frequency on a cellular level.

In this session Adya will also provide a safe and nurturing space for you to express your concerns and setbacks. 

 By discovering and releasing the blocks that are not serving you, recognising the opportunities within your challenges you will open up your energy field to more magic, appreciation and understanding.

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