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Adya has been a lover of art since she was small child. Drawing and painting was her favourite pastime as she lost herself in fantasy and imagination.


In her late teens, she gained a BTEC Diploma in Fine Art & Design, and then veered into other creative areas of work, including more than 5 years of Visual Merchandising for the esteemed Harrods windows, in London UK.

Around 12 years ago she stepped onto a Spiritual Path of learning, growing and evolving.

She has since become and Energy Healer (Reiki Master & Divine I AM Transmissions Practitioner), Intuitive Channel, Mentor & Facilitator.

For the last few years she has been on an accelerated journey of self-development and Spiritual growth, which has enabled her to have a strong connection with Great Spirit, opening up her extra-sensory perception and intuitive channelling abilities.

Adya now devotes all her work to Divine Consciousness, bridging multidimensional realms and bringing through healing frequencies and the light of benevolent Spirit through her artwork.

She is a catalyst for others to remember their Divinity & Essence, aligning to clarity and opening up to the ever present Magic in life. 

For the past few years Adya has been facilitating spiritual healing events & workshops with the renowned London College of Spirituality, as well as International Retreats at power spots, vortexes & sacred sites on the planet.

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