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Message from Ascension Guide

Updated: Jan 4, 2019

I painted this Galactic Being in April 2018 with watercolour on paper. I received a vision of her before I began. Her role as part of the Galactic Federation is assisting humanity with our Ascension. When I channelled her the first time she took me around her ship and showed me around. I have just channelled a message from her to you directly. It is directed at Starseeds... and if you have never considered yourself a Starseed but are drawn to this information then you very likely are and it is absolutely for you! :)


“Greetings Earthlings,

I am Nana, and I come with love. I am from the Galactic Federation and I am here to assist you with your Ascension. It is known throughout the galaxy that a time of true change is occurring, a time of quantum leaps in the vibration of your planet, which is rippling out and affecting many other civilisations. As many of you Starseeds know you have a genetic history within you that originates from many lifetimes as other species. Many have evolved past 6th Density and beyond. Many of you have volunteered to come here for this Shift in Consciousness.

It is time for you to come together and help each other to awaken the gifts you have come to gift humanity. For this, you must stop hiding your identities and you must start voicing your truth and knowledge. You have the power to individually tap into the Consciousness of your Galactic Heritage. There is much information streaming in to each one of you. You may choose to connect consciously as channels but you may also feel your intuitive whispers. Where are you being called to go? What are you being called to do? Each whisper will reveal a new step and the path will unravel to the speed you are vibrationally ready for. You will never get more than you can handle and you each have a unique mission to complete. Follow your heart, always, but be aware that the heart speaks a very different language to the mind. It may seem irrational or even feel chaotic. It is time to open to this new way of the Feminine. It is a good idea to take stops and not race ahead, as the ego always wants to do. There is no need for comparison or competition as it is not a race. Take time to open to the pure desires of your Heart. It will never lead you astray.

It is time to step up and show the true vibrant colours of who you are. It is time to bring your light to the world. It is time to share your unique gifts and vibration with humanity. We know that it may feel frightening, and it can be difficult to reside in the density of current earth, but all you need to do is take one step at a time and you will be shown the way. Each of you has many guides assisting you with this. Connect with us and ask for help. Your soul expression here is very needed now. Sending you infinite star blessings for your journey.

With love,



A wonderful way to connect to your own Galactic Guide is to get a personalised painting & message for yourself. Each painting is infused with Healing frequencies & crystals to lift your vibration & strengthen your connection daily. This will be a permanent reminder of your loving, trusted guide emitting the frequencies of "home".

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Dec 30, 2018

Thank you for this beautiful, meaningful and much needed message for these times. I love knowing that Beings such as Nana are here looking over us on our journeys. I really feel this as a Starseed..and knowing we come from such high densities to here, with a purpose and are guided is truly supporting. Big love to the Galactic Federation! 💓👽🔮🌈

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