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Commissioned Personalised Angel Painting

Please see examples in the gallery


Acrylic / Oil Paints on Panel


SIZE: 30cm x 40cm (approx 12 x 16 inches)


These paintings are created and personalised uniquely for each individual.


If you would like to order a Personalised Angel for friends and family, please provide their full name in the box labelled "RECIPIENT'S NAME" - this is so Adya can energetically connect to & invite the individual's Angel to be expressed on the canvas. 

Paintings are personalised and unique and created on a first come, first serve basis. They are painted for each individual with utmost love and care. Please be aware, they do take time, patience and vibrational alignment to create.


Many thanks <3

Personalised Angel Painting (30cm x 40cm) on Canvas Panel

  • This is a Channelled, Personalised Painting of your (or your loved ones) Guardian Angel.


    A wonderful Gift that will touch the Soul of your loved one!


    Each painting is infused with healing frequencies and charged with crystals. Exuding energies of unconditional love... it will be a beautiful reminder of your closest guardian and guide, bringing joy, wonder & magic to your life. 


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