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Ashana from Lyra
Ascension Guide

Personalised Galactic Guides & Star Being Paintings

Do you feel a connection to the Stars? Do you feel a sense of 'home' when you look up at the sky at night? You may be a Starseed, longing to feel the presence of your ancient Galactic family. They are with you!... Guiding your steps, assisting you with your Spiritual growth and helping you to live a life of joy & fulfilment.

Adya creates these special paintings to assist you in your connection with your very special Star Guide.

How it works

By tuning into the energy of your Galactic Guide, via your name and Divine invitation, Adya will channel your Guides energy, interpreting it onto the canvas.

The painting is infused with Healing frequencies to lift your vibration & strengthen your connection daily.

This will be a permanent reminder of your loving, trusted guide emitting the frequencies of "home".

A channelled message from your Guide will be included with the painting.

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